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Revolutionary Property Management Software Solution For Residential Property Owners

Cleveland, OH December 5, 2006 – DIY Real Estate Solutions Inc., today, announced the general availability of its highly anticipated property management software system for residential apartment owners and managers. Specifically designed for landlords and property managers with less than 500 apartment units or single-family rental homes, its remarkably intuitive design makes it uniquely suitable for owners currently using less automated solutions such as Excel® or Quickbooks®, or even manual systems.

DIY is the only software solution in this market segment that provides comprehensive property management functionality, including leasing, operations, management, accounting and reporting, designed in a manner that requires little or no technical or accounting expertise, and at a price that competes effectively with products or methodologies with much less property management functionality. The company is so confident of the user-friendly nature of its product that it is providing training and support free of charge for those rare occasions when a user might desire assistance.

Furthermore, the company developed DIY as a web based application, available over the Internet at, in order to eliminate a prospective user’s need to purchase expensive computer hardware. All that is required is a laptop or desktop computer, and access to the Internet. It eliminates the need for an apartment owner or manager to provide technical expertise for hardware and software support and the inevitable upgrading of software and hardware. And even more importantly, it gives anytime, anywhere availability to the entire software system for anyone with Internet access. Thus, even the most mobile landlord or property manager is only an Internet connection away from accessing or updating such information as move ins, move outs, vacancies, delinquencies, prospects and/or units on notice, not to mention real-time financial reports.

About DIY Real Estate Solutions Inc.

DIY is the developer of highly intuitive, online property management software solutions designed specifically for the independent residential rental owner and manager. Made up of some of the nation’s most notable real estate experts, its management team has been delivering technology solutions to property managers for decades. With headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, the company can be reached 866-602-9007.

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