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Quick Tips

Emailing Reports

New on Your Screen

Two New Options for Packaging Reports

Feature Focus

What Can Marketing and Resident Portals Do for You?


Quick Software Tips



Emailing Reports


Generating and sharing reports can be big part of what you do. In this issue, we’ll show you some ways DIY ensures your reporting is as simple as can be. First up – easy emailing.

You may have noticed a NEW link located on the reports toolbar – Email Report. You can now email your DIY reports to anyone with a click. Simply select the Email Report link to load the Email Report window.

Email Property Management Reports


Your email will automatically contain a PDF version of your report as an attachment. All you need to do is complete the Send Email page. We’ve even provided lookup buttons next to the “To” and “CC” fields so you can quickly retrieve any associated email addresses that are already stored in your DIY data.

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Two New Options for Packaging Reports


Easier reporting continues with two new options on DIY’s Reports page – Package Reports and Package Owner Reports. Now you have the power to generate multiple reports based on the same selection options, and thus speed up your reporting and related functions. Because once these reports are generated, you can email them in one easy step.

The new Package Reports option, shown below, provides one final PDF file containing all of the reports you’ve selected. The “report package” can easily be printed using the PDF viewer’s print button or it can be emailed using the Email Package link. The same Email Report window as mentioned above in “Quick Tips” is used to make email address lookup easy here, too.

The Package Owner Reports option, shown below, provides one final PDF file per owner for added convenience.

Property Owner Reports


Simply use the Select Reports screen (see below) to choose which reports to send to each of your owners.


The DIY system will email each owner their respective report package. Email all owners’ packages or choose one owner’s package; it’s up to you. You can also review each page before sending. It’s simple – and saves time, too.

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Software Feature Focus


What Can Marketing and Resident Portals Do For You?


DIY Web Services includes Resident Portal, a convenient way for residents to pay rent and communicate with you, and Marketing Portal, your 24/7 leasing agent. Find out what these hard-working web sites can do for your business:

Marketing Portal

What can it do for you? List your available units for free, including personalized details, photos and floor plans for each unit. (These online listings are also uploaded and posted on Google, free of charge.) Allow prospects to see brochures and receive information and directions to each property, and fill out guest cards for your follow up. Allow you to receive online rental applications that flow directly into your DIY data. It all comes together to reduce phone call and follow up time, and ensure you are responsive to today’s prospective renters.

Resident Portal

What can it do for you? Reduce distracting phone calls as residents submit service requests online, review their balance due and make rental payments, too. (Of course the site is secured with individual user names and passwords so that only authorized users can access the site.)

What can DIY do for you? Integrate your portals with your DIY data. Provide Web Services that are so user-friendly you can be up and running in a day. Give you all this convenience with an investment of only $20/month no matter how many properties you set up. Take the next step! Call us today at 800-866-1144 to learn how DIY Web Services can increase productivity, generate more business and position your properties to compete over the Web.

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