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Quick Software Tips


Smart Search


Check out the Search box in the yellow bar on the left side of your DIY screen (circled below). This search feature will scout through all of the relevant files to quickly locate your inquiries, applicants, tenants, properties, vendors, leasing agents and owners. You can also fine tune your search by using the Search page found on the Home menu.

Search Feature

Working in conjunction with the search feature are the Search Tag fields on the vendor, leasing agent and owner pages. Designating search tags on these records will allow you to find them quickly using the search feature. For example, you can designate your vendors by the type of service they provide or designate your owners by the property types they own, or select any other way that helps you save time.

The Amenities page (which can be reached from a link on the Property Setup page) allows you to designate amenities for your properties and units. These amenities are also used with the Search feature, so finding the right property is now a snap.

Property Amenities

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Property Manager Profile


CLIENT PROFILE                                               

Protown Properties

Protown Properties Efficiently Manages 500+ Homes with Help of DIY’s True Rental Property Solution

With 500+ properties located throughout greater Joliet, IL, Protown Properties needs the best tools to ensure efficiency. When Kim Pierce of family-owned Protown was looking for a new business software solution, finding a provider that understood the specific needs of the rental property industry was, therefore, a critical consideration.

Pierce of Protown explains: “Other systems we reviewed were not geared to a rental property business. What we saw were basically accounts receivable tools. A rental business is much more than that – and with their years of expertise, DIY understands that.

“We were looking for a system that we could tweak to meet our needs. We wanted the ability to easily manage late fees, due dates, and the like, and DIY accommodates that. A major wish list item was the ability to print five-day notices from the system. Again, DIY was able to support our processes. In the end, we are significantly more efficient because DIY has built its features around the needs of our industry,” affirms Pierce.

Web access with control over data also helps Protown be successful. Says Pierce, “A web-based system fits perfectly because all of our employees can access the system and data from anywhere. Access from any Internet connection has worked out great; it definitely saves time. The different levels of user access have also been helpful. We can limit access to viewing information only. It is much easier to control the data this way and ensure data integrity.”

“Another real bonus is that DIY maintains the system,” she says. “I do not worry about updates, patches, or backups. DIY understands that small companies do not always have IT departments, and with DIY, no technical experts are required. That’s great news for rental property owners.

“It's a relief to know our data is safe, and always available,” says Pierce, “and that DIY will be there to take care of it, so we can focus on our business.”

Pierce also appreciates DIY’s pricing model. “Some other systems charged a per user license, DIY does not. Budget is always a concern, so this is a huge plus,” she says. “In addition, it was a selling point to us that many extra features are available but not mandatory. As our business grows, we can add more features as time and budget allow.

“Further, and again with budget in mind, DIY includes support in the monthly fee. Training is not necessary, you can teach yourself, and the DIY support team is extremely helpful. Their great customer service clearly adds value,” she says. “We took advantage of the free trial offer, and during that time I realized how user friendly the system is,” says Pierce, who’s been using DIY for nearly two years. “Now we have easy access to efficiency tools, features geared to our business, and great service standing behind it.”

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Pay Owners Electronically and Generate Owner Reports


Paying your owners electronically has never been easier. Just select the payments to process on the Owner Payments page, shown below, and click the Electronic Payment button.

Property Owner Payments

Confirm the payment information from the Pay Owners page (below). If necessary, you can enter owner bank account information. Then click the Pay Bills button.

Once the payments have been submitted, you can click the Generate Owner Statements button to automatically load the Package Owner Reports page – with the corresponding owners already selected.

It’s that easy! Please note that in order to pay bills electronically, you will need to be a Solveras merchant account holder. That same merchant account can be used to receive electronic rent payments from your tenants. For more information on opening a merchant account with our integrated electronic payment processing partner Solveras, contact DIY today.

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Software Feature Focus


Management Income


In some cases, not all money collected from residents is paid to the property owner but instead goes directly to the management company. This is often the case for various fees such as an application fee, a late charge or NSF fee, etc.  If this is the case in your business, you can specify those categories here.

Property Management Income

When a resident’s payment is recorded to any of the selected categories, the income will be credited to the management company rather than the property. Sometimes the owner may be entitled to a percentage of the fee collected. In this case you can enter the percentage that goes to the management company in the appropriate column (circled area above).

If your management company collects a leasing fee when a new resident pays their first month's rent, check the Leasing Fee option and DIY will record it automatically.

If you have multiple bank accounts, it is possible that a fee due to the management company will be deposited into a bank account used primarily for resident and owner payments.  DIY can keep track of any Management Income in other bank accounts and facilitate the payment of the amount due. Simply indicate in the Income Bank Account field which bank account the Management Income money should reside in.

When Management Income has been deposited to a different bank account, a message will display on the Home page under the Alerts section. Clicking on the link will take you to the Due to Balance page where you can view the detail, enter a bank transfer, or write and deposit a check.

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