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DIY is Now Point2 PropertyManager

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Processing Government Payments

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NEWS & NOTES        

New Name, Same Great

Solution - DIY is now

“Point2 PropertyManager”


DIY Real Estate Solutions is proud to announce we are changing our name to Point2 PropertyManager, effective September 6th.

You’ll enjoy the SAME PRODUCT, SAME PRICE, SAME EXPERT TEAM and the SAME GREAT SERVICE you’ve come to expect from DIY.

What’s new – besides our sleek new interface design – is that the Point2 name will serve as an umbrella for other great bundled services you can choose to support your business.


Processing Government Payments


If you own or manage a property where tenants receive government subsidized rent, DIY can help you track those tenants’ accounts. In fact, because DIY is designed specifically for the residential property management industry, we make managing these kinds of payments simple and easy.

When setting up this kind of lease, simply enter the tenant’s portion of rent in the Monthly Rent Amount field. Then use the link for Other Charges/Concessions to add a monthly charge for the Government Payments category (reflecting the subsidized amount).


The system will create two billing charges every month, one for Rent and one for Government Payments. When you receive a rent payment from the tenant, post it to the Rent category. When you receive a payment from the government, post it to the Government Payments category.

When generating a delinquency report, tenant balances will be displayed under the appropriate categories so you can more clearly see the rent sources owed to you.


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Portals Power Productivity


Increase Productivity, Generate More Business and Position Your Properties to Compete over the Web

Industry research continues to show that tenants and potential tenants increasingly rely on the Internet to find rental housing and manage their busy personal life. This makes it even more critical for you to have your own marketing and tenant websites. DIY Web Services makes it easy with powerful tools for creating a 24/7/365 virtual office.

Marketing Portal

This full-featured marketing website allows you to list your available units for free, including personalized details, photos and floor plans for each unit. These online listings are also uploaded and syndicated via Point2 Agent, free of charge, helping you reach as many prospective tenants as possible. Prospects can obtain brochures and directions to each property, and fill out guest cards for your follow up. And for the ultimate in convenience, prospects can submit an online application that flows directly into your DIY data, simplifying setup and reducing data entry and errors later.

Resident Portal

Resident Portal adds a new dimension in servicing your tenants in ways that benefit both of you. Any time of the day or night, tenants can submit service requests and make electronic payments online. There are options to review their current balance, eliminating unneeded phone calls to you, and set up recurring payments. For your shared peace of mind, the site is secured with individual user names and passwords so that only authorized users can access the site.

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Debt Collections Done Right


Managing collections efficiently is important to your business and critical to your profitability. We’re happy to help make this process simple, thorough and easy. In fact, DIY offers a suite of collections functionality to help you track and process all activities associated with debt collections.

This includes bad debt write-offs, moving balances from your main accounts receivable accounts, generating collection services data, and recording collection payments. You can even send data directly to NCC Business Services for collection services right from DIY.

Located on the Transactions menu, the Collections page (shown below) is used to track all of the essential activities related to your debt collection efforts. All previous residents who have an outstanding balance are included in the Current Collections list.

From the above screen, you can access any individual resident’s Collection Status page (below), from which you can review collections information and link to collections tools, including NCC. (Note you can also access a resident’s Collection Status page directly from the Resident page.)



You will also have the opportunity to start the collection process, including writing off bad debt and/or moving balances from your main accounts receivable account following the completion of the Statement of Deposit.


One final tip: while you’re thinking about Collections, if you aren’t already using DIY’s integration with debt collection services to manage your collection process, you can learn more on our web site or give us a call today.

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