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n March & April 2010

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Make-Ready Unit Status Options

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Tropic Homes

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DIY NEWS                

Sharing News, Your Way

Welcome to the Spring issue of News You Can Use. We’re happy to provide a newsletter that keeps you apprised of enhancements (we’re highlighting several in this issue that make your job easier) and offers tips from other clients’ (learn how Tropic Homes is using DIY to impress clients and tenants).

In addition to News You Can Use, we hope you’ll take the time to check out our new blog, become our fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  These are great ways to access the latest information and receive instant updates on the news that matters to your business. We also hope you’ll share your experiences with DIY and your thoughts on the industry in return. We look forward to hearing from you!




 “Make Ready” Unit Status Options


You’ll be happy to know that you can now set a unit’s status to “Make-Ready”. This new status allows you to easily identify the vacant units that require work, yet also allows you to rent the unit. Any make ready units are included on availability lists throughout the system along with an estimated available date.


Regarding this “estimated available date”, the system gives you considerable flexibility. You can control the timeframe needed for preparing a unit for rental. You can set the date manually using the Unit Detail page. You can have the system do it for you by establishing a default timeframe using the new options on the Company Setup page (see below). You can even have the system automatically set the unit status to Make-Ready when a move out occurs.


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Property Manager Profile


Client Profile                                                    

Tropic Homes

Impressing your tenants and clients, while saving time, too. Seems like a tall order, but DIY property management software gets it done for Annie Mathews of Tropic Homes.

“DIY’s integrated web site is so S-I-M-P-L-E,” says Broker Mathews who uses many of DIY’s integration services along with DIY’s software to streamline her operations. “I use DIY’s Marketing Website to help promote my properties. DIY’s Resident Portal helps me impress my tenants who appreciate having the information they want so readily accessible. What’s more, the ability to quickly pay property owners using ACH makes me look good to my clients!”

Specializing in Florida’s Upper Keys, Mathews is an expert in managing, renting and selling real estate throughout these beautiful island communities, but admits bookkeeping was never her passion.

“Bookkeeping is not my forte’ so it was essential that I found a program that was easy to use,” says Mathews. “A former bookkeeper of ours was using DIY at a new company. She recommended it for ease of use and ‘easy-on-the-budget’. I figured if I got in a tight spot, she would help me. Turns out, I’ve never had to call on her because my questions are always answered promptly by DIY’s great tech support team.

“In fact any of the numerous times that I have emailed support, I received prompt, explicit and helpful directions. DIY really does have the BEST tech support,” she says. “That’s important.”

There are many ways that using DIY helps my business, continues Mathews. “DIY saves me time because it is so simple to use. It also saves me time because it is Web-based. I don’t have to worry about managing software and servers – after all, real estate is my business not technology.

“I can work from anywhere on anyone’s computer. I didn’t want to be married to my personal computer. As long as there is someone’s computer handy, I can take care of business.” And that business includes making tenants and clients happy – and getting it all done more easily – thanks to DIY.


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Software Feature Focus



Charging Fees to Owners

Our software support techs often hear from property managers that need to charge a fee to a property owner but aren’t paying an invoice for that expense. Instead, the management company is collecting the money in the form of a fee, but no money is changing hands; it’s simply deducted from the owner payment. It’s easy to record these types of transactions using the Transfer page on the Transactions menu. (Shown below)

You may already be using this Transfer page to easily move money from one bank account to another. It can also be used to move money from a property to the management company just as easily.

Let’s say that your management company charged a property owner for plumbing repairs performed by your staff. On the Transfer page, select your company’s operating bank account from the Transfer Funds From dropdown box. Don’t worry, you’re just using this bank account as a placeholder, since the Transfer Funds To bank account is going to be the same account; you’re not changing your bank balance.

The next two fields, Category and Unit/Property, are the key to moving the money for this transaction. On the “From” side of the transfer, select the appropriate expense category, such as Contractor/Repairs/Cleaning. Be sure to select the property, or specific unit, from the Unit/Property dropdown box. This side of the transaction charges the property with the expense.

Now, complete the same information on the “To” side of the transfer, but this time, you’ll be recording the income to your management company. Be sure to select the appropriate income category, such as Repairs Income. Then set the Unit/Property field to your management company. This side of the transaction records the income earned by your company.

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Quick Software Tips


Creating Applicant-Related Forms & Reviewing Traffic Details

This month, we have two great tips to share with you. Both highlight new features designed to save you time and ensure the information you need is one click away.

How to Create Applicant Forms

There is a NEW Form category for Applicants. You can now create forms for your applications, applicant mailing labels and other applicant-related documents. When you define your new applicant form, simply set the Category to Application. You will then be able to include any of the fields from the Applicant page on your form. You can also generate mailing labels for your applicants by creating a Text File form using the Application Category.

Property Management Forms


How to See Traffic Details

For those of you that rely on the Leasing Activity Report for traffic counts, you will be pleased to know that we have added a NEW option to include the details on those counts. You can now review listings of the individual applications, visits, move ins, move outs and more that make up the various counts on your leasing activity report.

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