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News & Notes

Available Now: Firefox with DIY

 Quick Tips

Printing Checks with Firefox

New On Your Screen

New Options for Formatting Your Category List and Alternate Billing Address

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Electronic Banking…Collect it Quick



NEWS & NOTES        

Available Now: Firefox with DIY


You can now use Firefox to access DIY! This is good news for users who prefer Firefox over Internet Explorer, but it also allows Mac users to access DIY from their Macintosh computers – just download Firefox for the Mac.

We will be completing support for Mac’s browser, Safari, in the near future. We hope to have this wrapped up by summer.

If you choose to use Firefox, please also see the Quick Tip below.



Printing Checks with Firefox


Firefox can be a great choice, but you’ll want to note one limitation related to check printing. Occasionally, users may find that their checks will not align correctly when printing. This is because some of the printing options available from Internet Explorer are not available in Firefox. If this happens to you, consider using Internet Explorer when you need to print checks. It’s that simple. Then you can go back to Firefox if you choose.

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New Options for Formatting Your Category List and Alternate Billing Address


We are excited to bring you several new features as we work hard to respond to your needs and continue our mission to help you manage and grow your business. Check these out:

Add Group & Group Order

You may have noticed that there are two new links located on your Categories Setup page Add Group and Group Order. Circled below, these two links provide the ability to control not only your category list but your financial statement formats as well.

The new Add Group link gives you the power to add a new category group or parent group. Groups were previously supplied in a fixed list from DIY, but now you can add to that standard list (see below). Be sure to select where in your category list to add the new group.

 The Group Order link (shown below) allows you to change the order of your categories or parent groups, not only in your category list, but also in your financial statements.

These new links – along with the system’s existing flexibility in setting up categories – will allow you to quickly create financial statements that accurately reflect your unique business processes.

Alternate Billing Address

We’d like to announce another new feature - the Alternate Billing Address link (circled below) located on the Resident Lease page. This address will be used on the Resident Statement and can be used for generating Forms.



In addition, there are new Alternate Billing Address fields available in the Forms Setup page. Use these fields instead of the existing Unit Address fields on forms where the Alternate Billing Address is needed. If an Alternate Billing address is stored, it will be printed; if no Alternate Billing Address is stored, the Unit Address will be printed. These same rules are used on the Resident Statements.

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Electronic Banking….Collect it Quick!


Why not take advantage of banking technology to receive payments in full and on time? Electronic banking offers security and convenience while improving cash flow and cash management – and DIY makes it easy to collect rent payments, security deposits and application fees online using a simple, fully integrated interface.

Electronic banking also streamlines how you work with current and prospective residents. Residents can choose to pay their rent online via credit card or ACH check processing, a convenience that is becoming increasingly popular, and even expected. You’ll see on‐time payment collection rates improve as you reduce the number of bad checks received.

What’s more, you can pay your vendors and owners electronically, which saves you time, trips to the bank, as well as mailing and paper costs. With so many advantages, why not get started today?

 When you’re ready to collect funds immediately when due, give us a call at 866-602-9007, ext. 603 for information.

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