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Quality Property Management Company Chooses DIY for Productivity

For his 35-year-old, family-owned and operated property management company, Charles Marchiondo knew that he wanted a Web-based solution. Based in Lakewood, Colorado, the Quality Property Management Company specializes in single family homes and currently has 88 properties on the DIY system.

Marchiondo was looking for a Web-based solution because his installed software was too limiting. “I was using one system for property management and another for accounting. I detested the double entry and wanted to be able to access my data from any location,” he says. Marchiondo then reviewed eight systems. Ultimately, his desire to be more productive led him to choose DIY Real Estate Solutions.

Anywhere Data Access

 “As anyone in our business knows, property management and real estate investment is not a Monday to Friday job,” says Marchiondo. “We have tours, we get calls, and we process applications all weekend long and evenings, too. We travel. We’re not always in our offices; we’re on the road.

“That’s why DIY Real Estate Solutions was so appealing to me – they offer a Web-based solution that allows me to access my data from anywhere. They also provide extended support hours at no additional costs. Ultimately, that helps me be more productive,” he says. “The customer service is great. Calls are addressed quickly, often within the hour.”

Peace of Mind

Working with DIY Real Estate Solutions also gives Marchiondo peace of mind.

 “I’ve experienced computer crashes in the past with installed software and it’s a terrible experience,” relates Marchiondo. “You can easily be lost for three or four days without your data. That’s a nightmare. Now all of my data is housed on the DIY server and accessible from anywhere over the Web. If the unforeseen happens, I’m back up in a day or less.”

While the Quality Property Management Company has nearly four decades of experience, they also have a firm eye on the future.

 “For me, it had to a Web-based solution because I see the Web as the future,” asserts Charles. “The services we all use, such as credit screening for example, are already on line. My tenants want to pay online and track their service calls. Some tenants also like to check their accounts online and prefer to get their statements via email. It’s important to be responsive to that.”

From knowing he wanted a Web-based solution to ultimately knowing DIY provided the right solution for his company, Charles has come to appreciate the service, peace of mind, productivity and convenience that the two together provide.

“I am happy. I would recommend DIY to anyone,” he says.

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