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Premier Residential Management - Service is the Key to Exciting Growth

As President of Premier Residential Management, Christine Lee is driven to build her company into one of the largest fee management companies in Kansas City. Exemplary service to her clients is how she is getting there. Starting her business in 2007, she already has more than 6 properties and over 200 units under management.

“Premier Residential Management exists solely to take the burden of property ownership off the shoulders of our clients,” relates Lee who started Premier after twenty years in the industry. The company specializes in small property ownership and offers a full line of services including financial, legal compliance and resident management, as well as customizable property specific programs.

“Our business philosophy includes a hands‐on approach to managing assets, which means we never lose sight of our responsibilities to our owners and clients. These principles are essential to a successful fee management business and a cornerstone to my growth,” she says.

The Right System for Growth

“My vision is to provide small owners with superior management and services that are competitive with what the larger companies provide to support the biggest portfolios,” explains Lee. “In turn, it’s important that I have the same technology tools that large companies use, but at an affordable cost.

“That’s why DIY is such a great fit for the independent rental owner. Their system offers the functionality and financial reporting I need to be competitive, and because it’s Web‐based, it’s accessible from anywhere and easy to use without the expense of software.” Adds Lee, “I simply could not grow my business with the software I had in place. It lacked the features for day‐to‐day property management and reporting that I needed to be responsive to my owners.

“The team at DIY understands the technology needs of owners and managers,” she continues. “That’s why their system was developed as an online service. Anywhere I am ‐‐ at any of my properties, at home, traveling – I just need Internet access and I’m immediately in touch.

Uncompromising Service

“At PRM, we settle for nothing less than uncompromising service,” says Lee. “We look for the same from our vendors, and we found it at DIY. DIY is an organization that’s committed to the independent rental owner. Suggestions are welcome. They are interested in my input because they sincerely want to help us be competitive.

Technology Partner

“Having DIY as my technology partner means I can be out there servicing my clients instead of worrying about software and technology issues,” she says. “For example, I took over a property with three days notice. In less than 48 hours, DIY took care of all of the data uploading free of charge. Thanks to DIY, I was able to focus on those things that only I can do – that require a personal touch – instead of being locked in my office trying to upload data.

“I promise you, I have never received anything but superior customer service from DIY,” affirms Lee. In turn, Lee promises her clients that Premier Residential Management will strive to take the hassle out of ownership and management; ensuring owners are free to reap the rewards of their investments.

“It is our desire to make rental property ownership a profitable and pleasurable experience,” she says.

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