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Tenant Screening - Online Results in Seconds!
Point2 Property Manager's integration with Yardi Resident Screening offers more than just industry-leading credit scoring, criminal background check, and landlord and tenant check solutions. This service makes screening fast and easy, tying screening results seamlessly into our leasing process. At the same time, Yardi Resident Screening provides unprecedented visibility into the resident data collected in the screening process through built-in analytics, allowing you to make smarter, more timely marketing and leasing decisions.

Yardi Resident Screening options include:

  • Criminal screening
  • Eviction/landlord and tenant records
  • Credit Screening
  • Rental payment history
  • Executive management analytics
While comprehensive tenant screening services are a necessity, access to these services can be difficult to secure for many property management companies who do not meet rigorous FCRA compliance standards. Point2 Property Manager also offers integrated services with Yardi ScreeningWorks, another industry leader in resident screening to allow you instant access to important information about your applicant’s credit and background history.

Yardi ScreeningWorks' Services:

  • Instant easy-to-understand results 24/7 - view a sample screening report
  • Screening done right in the Point2 property management applicant screen
  • Sign up right in Point2 Property Manager - no waiting for approval
  • It's easy so you don't need to agonize over your decision
  • Over 20 years of resident screening experience

"The best weapon in your arsenal is tenant and credit screening. Even better, with a complete property management system you can Integrate that data directly into your resident file."

Don Werner

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